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Friday, September 19, 2003


Is oral sex the pre-game show, or is it the total, explosive space-collapsing finale? There is something metaphysical about "going down", isn't there? Isn't the fun always downtown? Downtown the architecture is different, the smell is different, the food is more authentic and dissolves faster between your gums. Downtown is more condensed, fruitful, dissolving into itself; a slow motion implosion. It's like the predicate of the sentence-highly charged by overturned modifier after modifier, the sexy last breathe of residue setting the breath all a quiver: "Melodically, Mercilessly, Melifluously, the marionettes swung hunked like trumpets slumped heavy on the lungs." The space between your legs forms the acute angle inside an "A", at the edge I palate my valatal and vowelize:AAAAAA, an infinitely violent,valenced hum. The A breaks into itself and rarefies like the Greek Alpha, collapsing the end into the beginning into the end.

Oral sex is linguistic, semiotic, architectural, and insofar as it implicitly functions through subvocalization and the tensing of speech muscles, it is part of and only functional through spoken language. And what else is an orgasm, but the brain's acceptance of a long and complex work of physical storytelling? The excretion of hormones and glandular secretions, poisons and signals exchanging over beneath and through the skin. The cadence of the body, flesh sliding out over and into flesh. The narrative of human desire works through models and shared truths. It's the same explosion of meanings with exchanging and displacing referents and interpretations as textual narrative-but it exists inside the intimate,phrasal, irreducible space of the phoneme. The condensation of meaning into a moment, the infinite replay of language trapped inside of a hum.


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