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Tuesday, August 19, 2003


Personality is a technology that glosses up or recontextualizes its referent ego. There's no one to one correlation and neither are monolithic. Learning to accept that our personalities are constructed from bits and pieces of cultural information that we find romantic or comforting or just useful as survival tools is important-controlling the pluriform interface of personae takes incredible, labyrinthine self-interrogation and obsessive discipline.

Every step in the process of self-definition and human interaction is part of a game, a series of proccesses and emergent, conflicting structures with no set definition. The constant infighting of the Self is part of a behavioral strategy that the cell(I) performs in order to define itself as part of the body(You). We're all trying to be ourselves and we're all just making new rules to play games in.

The only people that I want to meet from here on in are people who understand how fundamentally fake it is to be human.


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