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Saturday, August 09, 2003

From the desk of Jennifer L. Zahrt:

"roshan- you have probably already noticed this, but i just did, and thought it
was so funny i had to tell you . .. the ad section above your blog is filled
with references to celtic cross jewelry and other such knickknackery. seems like
the ad people search the contents of your blog entries and hope that because you
are in ireland, your friends will want to be supportive and wear celtic jewelry
(that they buy online through the ad from your blog site). or maybe you just
wanted to spread the commercial love around, and hope that when you get back,
each of your pals is religiously clutching their celtic cross pendant with an
amethyst gem inserted in the middle . .. ok i took that way to far. all i meant
to say was that i found it funny that you are in ireland posting about ireland
and the ads on your blog are for celtic stuff . .. go figure. maybe if you
posted about babies, semen and teeth you could get an add for a dentist and a
sperm donation bank. maybe if we made a binge
drinking tribute site we could snag an add from anheuser busch and an AA clinic
in the nyc area . .. -bleh. hope you are enjoying the first days of august. -jZ "


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