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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

In the two bedrooms across from mine, someone new moves in every two or three days. Lately, it's been every single day. I've known hotel accomodations with more neighborliness than this. The first person was here for about a week, a law student from Queens named Matt. When he moved out, I introduced myself to the new people, two global study abroad students who would only be around for a few days. Since then, there has been a steady stream of people moving in and out of the bedrooms across from mine every two days. I stopped introducing myself two weeks ago. It's still kind of depressing.

I have two papers to write today. On Friday I'm either going to Belfast or to a Francis Bacon exhibit at a museum on O'Connel Street. Listen to this: When Bacon died, his London studio was presented to the museum as a gift. They got a team of archeologists to graph and map out every single nuance of his incredibly messy studio, from the rolled up notes on the floor to the paint splatters. Then they took it apart and brought it to Dublin piece by fucking piece. Bacon's art resembles a series of discorporated, violently dissolving bodies, so it's interesting that his whole room would be dissected and reassembled. The ultimate autopsy. Or the ultimate Manson-like butchering? How should I know. PIGS! oinkoinkoinkoink

I told some of you that I would be trying to post pictures up here, but I can not post any onto blogger unless I have a paid account (I do not) and I can't post any onto livejournal unless I have a remote host (over here, I don't) So, if you would like photos, e-mail and I will send you some over the e-mailing machine. Like we used to do in the old days. I got some nice pictures of the hurling match I went to. Hurling is my second favorite sport now, behind Boxing. What is hurling, Roshan? It's like upside down hockey. That sounds dangerous Roshan.

It is!


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