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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

For anyone who'd like to see more of where I stomp about, here is the website of a club that I am going to tonight:

RiRa is close to Trinity, right off Dame Street, and it plays what a cute Irish told me would be "good hip hop". By day it's a bar called The Globe, which is actually right around the corner. Guinness is around 3.50 and the people aren't loud and poorly dressed. I'll probably hit up RiRa a few more times, but for now the "let's find which bars are hip" phase has to have let off, and poor bald Roshan is realizing how little of Dublin he's seen. So tomorrow I'm going to actually take the bus with all the punks and the plebians and the seedy eyed foreigners and look me fer some nature. Dublin's a coastal city, there's no reason not to have seen some beaches by now. Even though I don't like beaches, it's probably a whole fucking lot better than this congested town.

It's actually surprising how many pictures I have not taken since I've arrived here. I'll try to take my camera (which I broke, by the way. The lense cracked off, though I can still take pictures. It's no lense.) Hopefully I will be tossing some pictures up here soon. Er. Than

Going to Galway this weekend. Galway is another coastal city but in Western Ireland but with more pastoral areas for me to look at. I want to see a pretty pretty white pony.


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