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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Concept Engines

The paragraph is concept engine is pure force. Having at its beginning one root split infinitely, it speaks with no voices. It ‘enforces’ a sensorium, a decorative, undifferentiated series of interconnected reverberations, sonic holding patterns. The concept engine rattles the subject and burns its base matters into an undifferentiated mass, re-calculated and intoned omni-syllabically at an indefinite/undefined ratio. The vectors of the paragraph are condensed ‘concept hums’ or episteme-tentacles that protrude and zap the subject with short bursts of ‘thought’ composed of an endless stream of interplaying phonemes and lexemes. The complete phonotextual machine that is the paragraph continues its assault until the subjects’ eyes begin to bleed, his ears are made of glass and a child’s cry emits from his kidneys. The sensorium lays itself on the subject and molests it, then burns slightly at the edges of the subjects skin. The complete sensorium, phonotext/concept engine completes its communicative process by re-associating syntax into horizontal and vertical lines, allowing language streams to split all mythemes, lexemes, and phonemes one by one, destroying the paragraph and its reader in a cacophony of atomic intra-psychic, intra-textual explosions.
Then we begin again.


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