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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Interrupt This Broadcast

I've spent the entire weekend shut in, door closed, bottle of wellbutrin in my right hand with nothing to eat but chocolate donuts. I'm spending the weekend writing something important(top secret project), and the inspiration isn't exactly bleeding into the back of my skull in a flash of sexy white light, so I am forced to do the old fashioned procedure of thinking through my thoughts, self-interrogating my belief systems and re-attaching my ontology from the bits and pieces of what I thought were a 'self'. Maybe that's a bit overdramatic. I'd like to take this time out to unwind, unpack a little intellectual aggregration and information overload, 'data dump' as it were, and allow a few observations to fire out full clip. So, here we go:

Thought #1: Pop Music as a critical methodology. There is a Kodwo Eshun quote about the misnomers and pretentious intellectual back alleys dug out by those who wish to throw Heidegger over Afrika Bambata or give us Derridean Dylan interpretations. The music, in actuality, is meant to read the theory. I've been using this reverse mechanism of 'pop music' as a structure and trope in lots of different projects lately. In fact, I gage whether or not I like something by how much of a 'pop moment' it produces. These include: recognition, melody, a suitably idealistic medium and the creation of a parallel reality where randomness condenses into patterns. Uh, this will all make sense to you tomorrow morning. I promise.

Thought # 2. Consciousness is embedded in matter. It just is. We've heard enough critiques of the mind/body dualism to no longer believe the Cartesian bombast or Matrix-style sci fi fantasies. But the mind/matter dualism is just as ridiculous as the mind/body one. Organisms are defined by environments. Peter Carrol thinks that the fundamental logocentric discourse of Western civilization is that we are embedded in an observable quantifiable universe. He's dumb; and anyway, his brand of chaos magic leans too heavy on mathematic models and not enough on a love of sex and ridiculous costumes. THE FUNDAMENTAL LOGOCENTRIC DISCOURSE OF THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION IS THAT WE WERE NOT BORN TO HAVE WILD SEX IN RIDICULOUS COSTUMES.

Thought # 3:The tape recorder is the greatest invention since the condom.

Thought # 4 Maybe when we die, we will all turn into quantum butterflies

Thought # 5: But probably not!


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