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Sunday, February 15, 2004


"Boy and Tom are dropping like ducks in a shooting gallery. I see a stolid farmer type lining up on Tom with a 30-30 and I shoot up from the floor just below the rib cage where the Aztecs cut int o pull the heart out. He rocks back, his eyes open and close like a doll. The gun falls from his hands."

"Twelve of those lousy macho shits died in the shoot-out. We lost one boy-a sad quiet kd named Joe had got himself up as a whore in a purple dress slit down the sides. Had his gun in a shoulder holster and it caught in his strap-on tits. Hit five times."

"And Uranus where the Uranians sit in their blue slate houses in cold blue silence..Kim wanted to explore them all....He longed for new dangers and new weapons, "for perilous seas in faery lands forlorn." For unknown drugs and pleasures, and a distant star called HOME."


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