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Thursday, July 03, 2003

So clearly this weblog is rather unappetizing for the eyes, unless you are an accountant or colorblind sloth. You're all welcome to e-mail me and tell me how to make it more pretty looking, or at least less like a tax form.

For those of you keeping track of my whereabouts(and who isn't in these days of 24-hour Roshan surveillance and Roshan Reality TV and the Roshan Network and what not ) my flight leaves JFK at 6:30 PM and after reading comic books and listening to glitch hop for 6 hours and 30 minutes I will arrive in Dublin. I haven't travelled overseas in quite a few years and am rather afraid of things exploding and what not. But hopefully nothing will explode until after I arrive there and am properly armed. Lately I've been fond of derringers and small butterfly knives with Japanese flowers embroidered on the sides but I am beginning to warm up to larger weapons, though nothing above a .22 caliber or 5" blade I assure you. Although those enormous machine guns that they put on robot's arms in Japanese cartoons are incredible! I would be thrilled to be blasted out of the sky by gigantic animated arms and demand no less when my time comes.

Currently I am drinking terrible coffee, trying to finish packing and being nervous as all ungodly fuck. I should have bought more comic books and magazines. Or Derek Jarman's Jubilee to watch on the flight.

agent no.9 invoking Ganesha for safe passage and protection,


p.s. everyone visualize me being safe today. It'll be fun!


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