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Friday, November 12, 2004

A Tapestry

From Jason Louv:


The following is an exercise in art and the manifestation of dreams.
It is not political in nature, although it does comprise in part a
response to the events of November 3 (this email has also been sent to
the US President, wouldn't want to leave anybody out).

Please take a moment, whether now or in the coming days, to
participate in this global art project. The health of this project
also depends on the number of people you forward it to and give a
chance to participate (this is NOT a chain mail, however!) – it has
already been sent to at least four continents and the more truly
global it gets, the better.

First, take a moment a write out YOUR perfect world. What YOU believe
would be the perfect planet, not just for you but for the race as you
see it. You are not constrained to entertain the idea of "REALITY" or
"POSSIBILITY" at any point during this exercise. Nor does this have to
bear any relationship to the world as it currently stands – the ONLY
rules are that you may not use the words "I," "me," "my" or in any
other way refer to your "SELF" in this section, EXCEPT that you must
phrase each of your desired changes to this big blue orb with the
prefix "I WILL." This can be as complex as you want. For instance,
your response could be as short as:

"I WILL a perfect world in which everybody has access to food, water,
shelter, medical care and education."

or as complex as:

"I WILL a world in which each human being takes full responsibility
for their own life, dreams, thoughts and happiness; one in which
renewable energy is a reality; one in which non-militaristic and clean
space travel are a reality; one in which mass population control
through propaganda and media are no longer necessary; one in which the
potential of the human organism is no longer crippled by external
control systems but has been fully tapped and mediated by a new
'shamanic' social class; one in which the irreality and impermanence
of everything are taken for granted; one in which dogma no longer
exists; one in which murder is no longer a routine occurrence of daily
life; and one in which cars are no longer a mass mode of

Or even more so. The specifics, beyond the phrasing, are totally up to
you. These, of course, are just my answers, which I use as an example,
and I will immediately be apparent as the lefty pinko I am, but they
have NO importance whatsoever to the experiment itself, which is to
have YOU compose your own list.

As you compose your list (and make sure that you only write what you
know to be true solutions, at least from where you stand right here
and right now), really take the time to WILL these things to happen,
whatever that means to you. Will them without fear or desire, or
worrying too much about whether they could ever be real, and then
compose a second list.

This is where REALITY as you currently perceive it with your five
senses enters the picture – simply write a list of of how you, and you
alone, can begin doing something, no matter how minor, to begin making
each of your WILLED changes to your world (and be assured that they
have already begun) into a reality. How you can begin enacting this
better future in the PRESENT, in the theater of your own life. (You
can, of course, say "I" now.)

For instance, mine might read:

"I WILL take responsibility for my own dreams, thoughts and happiness;
publicize and discuss developments in renewable energy research and
non-militaristic/clean space travel through the channels I have open
to me; stop watching television; promote the truly 'shamanic' people I
know through the channels open to me; take the time from time to time
to remind myself of irreality and impermanence; stop dogmatically just
believing that 'everybody has the power to change the world' (and
instead try to test it out with this experiment); stop 'fudging' on
eating meat; and refuse to own a car."

Make sure that they are things that you can actually DO, and then over
the next coming days, weeks, months and years, DO them. Well, you
don't have to, really, but I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to
live in your perfect world – but hey, different strokes for different
folks right?

Many of you will have already asked and answered these questions for
yourselves; we congratulate you and request that you share them with
the world. For the rest, we envy you since the first crystallization
of will tends to be the most fun! It is not enough to simply think
about these things, you have to write them out and then commit to
doing them. If you've got a list that's too much to commit to, you can
always just edit it down until it's doable, even if you've only got
one thing.

After composing these two paragraphs, please send them to:

Your email will not be compiled or shared with anybody for ANY purpose

Your response will then be included on a website which combines each
and every response from all over the world into a single growing,
living tapestry of slowly reifying dream – and what's even better, we
might even begin to see how all of our perfect worlds fit together.

(I am also gratefully accepting alms from anybody who would be so kind
as to donate the space and a domain name to host this on, though it
will be done one way or the other.)

If you do not wish for your name and/or email to be included along
with your response, PLEASE SPECIFY this and I will kindly respect your
wishes. (Anybody who wishes to embellish, artistically or otherwise,
their entry, is certainly welcome to do so.)

Please forward this message to everybody that you can, regardless of
age, or political or personal opinion or orientation. The process
becomes more democratic the bigger it gets.

Jason Louv


Before you dismiss this as hippy dippy shit, 1. It will take you less than 10 minutes to try 2. What's wrong with hippy dippy shit?

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

--R. Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path


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